About New Day Recovery Center

We don’t just treat the addiction; we treat the entire person.

Woman at rehab counseling at New Day
Woman at rehab counseling at New Day

Who We Are

At New Day Recovery Center, our mission is to heal, restore, and provide peace of mind to women who are struggling with substance abuse. Our focus is on long-term, sustainable recovery, where change and sobriety always feel attainable.

We believe everyone deserves a shot at recovery, which is why we’re proud to be in-network with Medicaid and accept private insurance to make our services as accessible as possible.

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Women’s Residential Rehab Center

Women struggling with substance abuse deserve specialized treatment, in a safe and supportive environment of non-judgment and compassion. Our residential treatment center offers our clients a stable living situation to focus on their journey in recovery. In our women-only facility, you’ll rediscover what it means to feel supported, cared for, and loved, so you can learn to love yourself once again.

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Outpatient Treatment Center

We make long-term recovery more manageable with our outpatient treatment services. Our counselors and medical professionals use medication-assisted treatment (MAT), managing Suboxone and other proven medication plans to help our clients experience a smoother recovery. We supplement that care with counseling and other customized treatments to keep clients on track.

Our Staff

Clients at New Day Recovery Center can expect to receive treatment from kind, empathetic professionals who are passionate about healing. Many of us are in long-term recovery ourselves, using our personal experience to guide our clients through a difficult process.

Our team is made up of therapists, counselors, peer support specialists, case managers, and medical professionals who go above and beyond to support you and your loved ones throughout your recovery.

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Smiling women at addiction treatment center

Individualized Care

The women who come to our addiction treatment center have particular needs that demand a personalized treatment approach. We tailor our programming and evidence-based treatment approach to meet our clients’ unique situations. As you progress through treatment, we’ll adjust your individual circumstances to ensure that you get the care you need and never fall through the cracks.

Individualized Care
Smiling women at addiction treatment center
Patients on Rehab
Smiling Patients at New Day Recovery

Build a Network of Like-Minded People

A strong support network is a powerful addiction recovery tool. New Day Recovery Center is a community of sisterhood and family where people can coexist with like-minded peers striving for lifelong sobriety. By forming bonds with other people who can relate to your situation, you can talk, share stories, and lend advice while you walk this journey together, even well after rehab.

Find Healing Today!

Overcoming addiction alone is challenging. With the help of our team, you can begin to rebuild your life. Our addiction specialists are always ready to answer your questions and help you access the care you need. Get in touch today.


What Our Clients Say

“New Day Recovery is the most genuine treatment center I’ve ever been to. IOP allowed me to gain some amazing friends and a strong support system”

– N.S.

Everyone at New Day Center is amazing! This is the most caring, comprehensive, and supportive recovery center! New Day is absolutely life changing.

– C.R.

This place has helped me get on the right track. I’m truly grateful for the help I’ve received at New Day.

– R.D.

New Day Center saved my life!

– S.T.