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Helping Women Heal & Rebuild Their Lives

Suffering from addiction? Help is waiting at New Day Recovery Center. We believe recovery is possible with the right support and personal services. Our friendly, skilled, and dedicated staff are here to guide women on the path to healthy, happy recovery through a variety of addiction recovery services.

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Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

We offer evidence-based programming that focuses on the entire person, not just the addiction. We’ve created an addiction recovery treatment center that’s a safe haven for women in recovery, where we treat substance use disorders with compassion, not judgment.

We’re proud to offer comprehensive recovery services, including co-occurring disorder care, individual and group counseling, family therapy and education, life skills lessons, and aftercare planning. Our full continuum of care allows clients to engage with how addiction has impacted them and their loved ones, and the practical steps they can take to move forward and maintain sobriety for the rest of their lives.

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Ready to Get Started?

New Day Recovery Center is committed to your success in recovery and helping you grow. We offer everything from personalized therapies to education and employment skills to help you enter healthy, happy recovery — and we accept Medicaid and private insurance plans to make our care as accessible as possible. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, call today. We can help!

Our Addiction Recovery Services

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Addiction often appears alongside other mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other problems — and it’s not always clear if one caused the other. Co-occurring disorders, sometimes called dual diagnoses, are common but not always treated as carefully as they should be.

At New Day Recovery Center, we address the symptoms of mental illness and substance abuse, and treat both issues simultaneously. Our co-occurring disorder treatment uses a variety of therapeutic treatment modalities, provided by experienced clinicians, to treat each condition on its own terms.

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Counseling & Therapy

We take a well-rounded approach to treatment through a combination of individual counseling and group sessions. In one-on-one counseling, our certified substance use counselors and licensed therapists help clients gain insight into what led them to substance abuse, and how they can meet those needs in healthier ways.

Meanwhile, group therapy helps clients connect by sharing stories, encouraging women to relate to each other, and providing the perspective they need to continue in their recovery journey. Our women clients have a safe space where they can share vulnerabilities and support without judgment.

Family Therapy & Education

Addiction affects entire families, not just the individuals struggling with substance abuse. A client’s family also needs healing, especially if children are involved. Family therapy at New Day Recovery Center provides the support and care clients and loved ones both need — when all involved are ready.

These sessions allow each member to process how addiction has affected them, focusing on the family’s strengths as individuals and as a family unit. Together, the addicted person and the affected loved ones can learn how to understand addiction, maintain sobriety, avoid relapse and triggers, and move forward.

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Life Skills Workshops for Women

Life can be about so much more than substance use, and learning how to meet responsibilities and live well is just as important to life in recovery as sobriety. Our life skills workshops can help our clients not only succeed, but also thrive.

Life skills training focuses on giving clients the tools they need to rebuild, reshape, and create a new life for themselves after rehab. We can teach women how to better manage stress, improve interpersonal communication skills, find and maintain employment, manage finances, handle motherhood, and more.

Aftercare Planning

The challenges of recovery don’t end once a client has completed rehab. Aftercare is designed to help clients transition from treatment back to their home and everyday life. We offer thorough aftercare services in which our case managers work directly with clients to determine their short- and long-term goals, as well as how they can stay in touch with the addiction community and our alumni.

During aftercare treatment, we attend to our clients’ emotional, physical, and psychological needs and make sure they’re ready to reclaim their space in society and live a happier life.

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Testimonial What Our Clients Say

“New Day Recovery is the most genuine treatment center I’ve ever been to. IOP allowed me to gain some amazing friends and a strong support system”

– N.S.

Everyone at New Day Center is amazing! This is the most caring, comprehensive, and supportive recovery center! New Day is absolutely life changing.

– C.R.

This place has helped me get on the right track. I’m truly grateful for the help I’ve received at New Day.

– R.D.

New Day Center saved my life!

– S.T.