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Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey, and starting it on the right foot with professional treatment can make all the difference. New Day Recovery Center is committed to helping women start their new life, and to making our services as accessible as possible. If you or a loved one are ready to start the road to recovery, we’re here for you!

women admission kentucky New Day Recovery Center
women admission kentucky New Day Recovery Center

Our Admission Process

Realizing rehab may be the right path for you is a huge accomplishment on its own. Let us guide you through our admissions process so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Step 1
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Contact Us

The first step in our admissions process is arguably the biggest: reaching out. We’ll walk you through a thorough assessment to determine clinical needs, identify the appropriate level of care, evaluate substance abuse history, and explore behavioral health issues to develop a recovery plan.
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Verify Your Insurance

Financial concerns should never be a roadblock when it comes to finding the right treatment services. Rehab insurance coverage can help just about anyone get the care they need: that’s why we are proud to be in-network with Medicaid and accept private insurance, to make our services as accessible as possible.
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Start Your Recovery

Based on your pre-admission assessment, our team will create a recovery plan tailored to your needs. The moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be supported medically, emotionally, mentally, and physically throughout the treatment process, and you can feel safe knowing you won’t be judged and will be heard.
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Your Journey Starts Here

Our drug and alcohol rehab admission process is simple and quick. Reach out for help today!

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Accepting Medicaid & Private Insurance

New Day Recovery Center understands navigating your struggles with substances or alcohol rehab insurance can be stressful, both mentally and financially. That’s why we accept Medicaid and a number of private insurance plans, so you can focus on recovery.

Medicaid can help with the cost of recovery services including counseling sessions at New Day Recovery Center


Asking for help is hard, but paying for it doesn’t have to be. We’re proud to be in-network with all Kentucky Medicaid providers to ensure you get the care you need to start, and maintain, your journey toward a happier, healthier life. Medicaid can help cover the costs of inpatient rehab, residential treatment program, outpatient therapy, and aftercare.

Medicaid can help with the cost of recovery services including counseling sessions at New Day Recovery Center
Medicaid can help with the cost of recovery services including counseling sessions at New Day Recovery Center

Private Insurance

We work with a variety of insurance providers so each patient in our care has the chance to see a full recovery, from beginning to long-term sobriety. If you’re unsure about what your policy will cover, we will work with your insurance provider and walk through your benefits and options together. Below, you can find some of the most common providers we work with.

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Get Started Today

With clinical therapy, medical treatment, and comprehensive care, we can help you heal. Call now!


What Our Clients Say

“New Day Recovery is the most genuine treatment center I’ve ever been to. IOP allowed me to gain some amazing friends and a strong support system”

– N.S.

Everyone at New Day Center is amazing! This is the most caring, comprehensive, and supportive recovery center! New Day is absolutely life changing.

– C.R.

This place has helped me get on the right track. I’m truly grateful for the help I’ve received at New Day.

– R.D.

New Day Center saved my life!

– S.T.