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Heavy drinking may be normalized and even celebrated in the media today, but alcoholism is a serious disease that can damage your life and body if left untreated. It’s difficult and potentially dangerous to attempt to stop using alcohol on your own, but our team at New Day Recovery Center makes getting help simple and provides the support you need for every step of your alcohol treatment.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Also known as alcohol use disorder, an addiction to alcohol is not a moral failing but a chronic mental disorder where someone cannot control when they drink or the amount they consume. The diagnosis can depend on how frequently someone drinks, how much they drink, and whether they’re drinking at inappropriate times, such as while caring for children or working. While anyone can be susceptible to alcohol addiction, some people are especially at risk of developing an issue with drinking, such as those with mental illnesses or trauma, or a family history of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol and Other Substances

Alcohol is frequently combined with other drugs to enhance or alter their effects, though these combinations can be dangerous and even deadly. An individual under alcohol’s influence has impaired decision making, meaning they’re also more willing to try another substance, which opens the door to future abuse of that drug.

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From detox and residential services to outpatient and medication-assisted treatment, our continuum of care is designed to meet you where you’re at and provide the support you need to break free from the grip of addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is usually identified by a person’s relationship to alcohol and how it changes their responsibilities, mood, and relationships to loved ones over time. Key signs of alcoholism include: a loss of control over drinking, a greater need for using alcohol, risky behaviors, and changes in social behavior, like spending more time with people who normalize use and less time with family.
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Long Term Effects of
Alcohol Abuse

While alcohol can have pleasant short-term effects, it can cause long-term damage to different parts of your body, including the heart, liver, and pancreas. Alcohol abuse also weakens the immune system, disrupts the nervous system, and has been linked to numerous diseases and even cancer. Additionally, frequent neurological problems can develop due to abuse without alcohol rehab, such as short-term memory loss and dementia. It’s especially dangerous for women who are pregnant, putting the fetus at risk for developmental problems and miscarriage.

Finally, alcohol abuse can impact the lives of users in non-medical ways, as it can cause them to lose their money, source of employment, and even family and friends.

Alcohol Treatment,
Detox and Withdrawal

To avoid dangers of stopping use without the right supervision, it’s important to get professional help for your addiction from our alcohol treatment centers that include our in-house detox program, or medical detox with a trusted partner facility. We can help manage your alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which include anger, anxiety, insomnia, shakiness, sweatiness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and spikes in blood pressure and heart rate. Other rarer but more concerning symptoms, like fevers, seizures, and hallucinations can occur, but the right care will ensure you withdraw safely.

At New Day Recovery Center, we help guide clients through the process of detoxing from alcohol in a supportive environment full of hope. And with specialized care like medication-assisted treatment (MAT), co-occurring disorder treatment, and therapy, we’re able to treat you — not just your addiction.

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